Mihir Choughule

Master(piece) of None

“You’re out of tacos??!! What am I supposed to do now, go to the second-best place taco place in town like some asshole??” The line above, said incredulously (and hilariously) by Dev Shah (played by Aziz Ansari), is a perfect encapsulation of everything, good and bad, that millennials face today in a maelstrom of technology.… Continue reading Master(piece) of None

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Review: Not so funny, Mrs. Funnybones

I haven't really followed Twinkle Khanna's column except for reading an occasional article that went viral on social media. It was the hype around, and reviews of, her debut book, Mrs.Funnybones, that made me buy it. Mrs. Funnybones is a memoir of sorts. Twinkle Khanna writes about what it's like to be an urban, educated,… Continue reading Review: Not so funny, Mrs. Funnybones

Prashanthi Subramaniam

What Inside Out taught me about Adult-ing through Life

I have a thing for psychometric tests. A particular proclivity, if you please. I used to take a lot of arbitrary witch-doctor-psychologist tests on websites like Tickle when I was in high school. In college, I was a willing participant for all my friends who were psychology students. They always knew that if a subject… Continue reading What Inside Out taught me about Adult-ing through Life