Roshini Suparna Diwakar

That drunk, woozy feeling

I don’t know where to start. I’ve wanted to write this piece for a while, but I kept waiting for ‘it’ to end; for closure, so I could tell you what happens at last. But, that’s not happening any time soon, so I guess I’ll start at the very beginning. (A very good place to… Continue reading That drunk, woozy feeling

Lakshana Palat

Didion, magical thinking, and the metaphors of grief

‘Grief comes in waves’ is a phrase so common that most of us believe that grieving is synonymous with the sea. We imagine grief hitting us and washing over us without mercy, while our arms and legs flail, trying to escape to the surface and breathe. Sometimes, we’re too tired to struggle. We just wait… Continue reading Didion, magical thinking, and the metaphors of grief

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Searching for Harmony

As we said our second round of ‘Om’s, my ever distracted mind was reminded of a conversation Amma had with us yesterday. She talked about a Vedic mantra ‘Om Purnamadah Purnamidam’ which roughly translates into “That is whole; this is whole; From that whole this whole came; From that whole, this whole removed, what remains… Continue reading Searching for Harmony

Lakshana Palat

BOOK REVIEW: White as Milk and Rice

Normally, the words ‘Indian tribes’ bring forth a series of fixed images in our minds, fed by mainstream cinema: Men and women working in wild jungles, video clips of them dancing for tourists who are eager to circulate these clips and photos over the Internet. While intrigued, and perhaps sympathetic, most of us are content… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: White as Milk and Rice

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

The fat girl

I’m the fat girl! I’ve been the fat girl with acne my entire adult life. As a child, I was the skinny kid who was a fussy eater. It was so bad that when I was eight, Amma and Appa enrolled me in Judo classes with the hope that the sport would help me build… Continue reading The fat girl

Shubhadha Prabhakar

The survivor named Art

The world which was once chaotic has come to a standstill. And now, the standstill itself has created chaos. Everyone is looking for some calm in this unprecedented situation. At such a time, we need to keep our minds engaged with activities. Positive vibes and thoughts are said to put an end to even the… Continue reading The survivor named Art

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Responding to Covid: A case for strengthening decentralisation

“...the true measure of our commitment to justice, the character of our society, our commitment to the rule of law, fairness, and equality cannot be measured by how we treat the rich, the powerful, the privileged, and the respected among us. The true measure of our character is how we treat the poor, the disfavoured,… Continue reading Responding to Covid: A case for strengthening decentralisation

Amira Aleem

Who really has the vaccine?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. How we’re possibly looking straight in the eyes of a vaccine for COVID. The headlines are there, the trials have begun. Those of us who didn’t study biochemistry have started to read up on vaccine trials and how long before we’re allowed to go out into the… Continue reading Who really has the vaccine?

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Why contextual understanding matters in Qualitative Research

This piece has emerged as a result of a recent conversation I had with someone from outside the development sector. We were talking about the transcription of interviews and I realised how much imbibed knowledge I take for granted. As someone who has grown up being exposed to the work in the development sector, spending… Continue reading Why contextual understanding matters in Qualitative Research

Murukesh Krishnan

When life comes a Full Circle: An Open Letter

Hello, I write to you as one of the many well-wishers of this quaint, Khan Market paradise of yours – a haven of memories and a wonderland of knowledge. This Covid-19 crisis has been a realisation of sorts for all of us. It’s baffling how a microscopic enemy can also be a formidable force against… Continue reading When life comes a Full Circle: An Open Letter