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The Case Against The Jury  

You don’t have to have legal associations, be black or even been born to know about the OJ Simpson murder trial, arguably the most famous legal trial of all time and an indelible part of modern folklore. The case received unprecedented media coverage – right from the car chase to the actual trial itself. The… Continue reading The Case Against The Jury  

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Conversations in Rotterdam

Anubha Sarkar I realised while trying to put down my thoughts that it was around this time that I had met her. It was 2013 and I was pursuing a short term Art Appreciation programme at the National Museum Institute. I became friends with a bunch of other people, and amongst them was a guy… Continue reading Conversations in Rotterdam

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Dude, where’s my sanskaar?

Indian soaps are a staple of every person who has ever grown up in India (or outside), much like croissants and berets with the French and clouds and rain with the British. We all have a fascination with gross exaggeration and let’s face it – as much as we may detest them, the over-the-top nature… Continue reading Dude, where’s my sanskaar?

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Wildest Dreams and Exotic Bodies: Colonialism’s Tainted Legacy

Although colonial rule no longer functions, its legacy still persists, every now and then making an appearance in the most unexpected of places. This became apparent in September, when Taylor Swift was called out for the representation of Africa in her music video, 'Wildest Dreams', which features an unspecific beautiful African desert with no native… Continue reading Wildest Dreams and Exotic Bodies: Colonialism’s Tainted Legacy