Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Development Shevlopment

I have been sitting on this article for a few weeks now and have been using Manto’s retort that the story will write itself as a valid excuse to not write. In reality, I have not known where to start, but I found inspiration while watching Newton. For the uninitiated, the film is about an… Continue reading Development Shevlopment

Mihir Choughule

A Tale of Three Countries

If you ever thought, in a momentary brainfart perhaps, that misogyny is completely made up and a figment of people’s imaginations, then this past week offered up some reassurance that despite it being the 21st century, women are still treated as secondary citizens. What’s more, even famous women are subject to the same level of… Continue reading A Tale of Three Countries

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The Weekend Specials

  Films & Starters (500) Days of Summer [2009] One of my favourites, this is the perfect light but smart romantic comedy- that is, full disclosure, not a love story - good for weekend viewing. Perhaps romantic comedy is a bit of a misnomer - by its own definition, it is a 'boy meets girl' story… Continue reading The Weekend Specials

Mihir Choughule, Prashanthi Subramaniam, Roshini Suparna Diwakar

The Weekend Specials

  Podcasts & Appetizers Remembering Oliver Sacks  Over the past weekend, famed British neurologist Oliver Sacks would have celebrated his 83rd birthday. The author, known for his eclectic work in documenting curious cases of neuropathology and its effects on behaviour and mental health, captured the imagination of his readers with his narrative style of unravelling… Continue reading The Weekend Specials

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Urban Poverty: We May Have Missed The Point

There's been one article that's been trending on many of our newsfeeds over the past couple of days. Buzzfeed published an article about “Millennials” (God, I hate this term) being the urban poor that we don't notice. ICYMI, the article talks about how “millennials” have internalised societal pressure to keep up appearances, even at the… Continue reading Urban Poverty: We May Have Missed The Point

Prannay Pathak

Ron Woodrof: From ‘Homophobic Asshole’ to ‘Someone Kind’

"And a small town don't like it when somebody falls between sexes. No, a small town don't like it when a cowboy has feelings for men." I can't shake off the idea that Ned Sublette's 1981 song, Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently Fond of Each Other, has inspired the blinding, poignant Dallas Buyers Club (2013). Jean-Marc… Continue reading Ron Woodrof: From ‘Homophobic Asshole’ to ‘Someone Kind’

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Conversations in Rotterdam

Anubha Sarkar I realised while trying to put down my thoughts that it was around this time that I had met her. It was 2013 and I was pursuing a short term Art Appreciation programme at the National Museum Institute. I became friends with a bunch of other people, and amongst them was a guy… Continue reading Conversations in Rotterdam