“And through the glass walls of the lift, as it rushed along, they caught glimpses of strange and wonderful things going on…”

— Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Glass Elevator was created in 2015 to bring together a variety of perspectives and experiences to the metaphorical table for a conversation on emerging social, political and cultural issues. Over the past five years, our family has grown to include many contributors from across the world who have written on gender and sexuality, representation, inequality, media, mental health, law, and several other relevant and pressing subjects.

In late 2017, I began to reflect on how urban spaces fail to capture and accommodate voices from the margins. As information flows out of urban spaces and narratives of certain privileged groups continue to be widespread, silenced voices remain unheard. Hushed Voices, a podcast that explores lesser known stories from the Indian subcontinent, emerged from this thought process. While the first two seasons of the podcast explored folktales from across India, the goal has always been to share marginalised stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Reflection on these two spaces led to the realisation that the goal of both is the same – to provide a safe space for dialogue, and explore more deeply the world we live in. This website has been developed with the idea of bringing together these two media to one platform. Here, you will have access to the written word under The Glass Elevator and the spoken word shared on Hushed Voices. 

We believe in creating an open space for dialogue, and hope you will join the conversation.

You can get in touch by mailing dahlsglasselevator@gmail.com.

~ Roshini Suparna Diwakar, Founder and Editor



Hushed Voices Episode 20: Why Brahmans cannot eat in the dark

A special shout-out to Trisha Bose for designing our logo. You can check out her work on Instagram.

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