Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Savda Ghevra: A Story

This is the story of an adolescent girl. Imagine a young girl who has just finished her 10th standard board exams and is looking forward to continuing her education. Only, one night, her house is bulldozed over, and the only place she has ever known as home is lost. This is the story of many… Continue reading Savda Ghevra: A Story

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Development Shevlopment

I have been sitting on this article for a few weeks now and have been using Manto’s retort that the story will write itself as a valid excuse to not write. In reality, I have not known where to start, but I found inspiration while watching Newton. For the uninitiated, the film is about an… Continue reading Development Shevlopment

Asnah Anver, Mihir Choughule

The Weekend Specials

TV Shows & Starters Happy Valley (Season 1 & 2) In this so-called Golden Age of television, crime dramas are aplenty; switch the channel and there's a good chance that you will find yourself in the midst of guns, gore & blood. Happy Valley is no different - but it is so much more than… Continue reading The Weekend Specials

Mihir Choughule, Uncategorized

The Case Against The Jury  

You don’t have to have legal associations, be black or even been born to know about the OJ Simpson murder trial, arguably the most famous legal trial of all time and an indelible part of modern folklore. The case received unprecedented media coverage – right from the car chase to the actual trial itself. The… Continue reading The Case Against The Jury  

Nikita Audichya

Our Collective Conscience

Rohith Vemula, one of the five Dalit PhD Research Scholars suspended by the University of Hyderabad (UOH) under circumstances that can be best described as reeking of casteist authoritarianism, committed suicide day before yesterday. His suicide note contains these heartbreaking lines “My birth is my fatal accident. I can never recover from my childhood loneliness.… Continue reading Our Collective Conscience

Mouli Banerjee

Gorkhaland and the Curse of Political Invisibility

I have the first thirty seconds of introduction to a new person, more often than not, well-rehearsed by now. I pronounce my name the way it was intended, receive a blank look, smile and say "Call me Molly." They ask, “Are you from Kolkata?” "No," I say, "I’m from Siliguri," *wait for three seconds* "…… Continue reading Gorkhaland and the Curse of Political Invisibility

Nikita Audichya

On Cows and Patriarchy

“Boys will be boys”- this line of reason (or the lack of it), has rattled the nerve of sane people all over the world. From the most gruesome rapes to daily instances of sexual harassment, all is excused through this rather preposterous explanation. The implicit rationale behind this is that there is nothing that can… Continue reading On Cows and Patriarchy

Nikita Audichya

To Pee Or Not To Pee

My friend and I had just finished exchanging banalities in an overpriced, overhyped Hauz Khas Village restaurant when a random woman walked up to us. It was obvious that she was promoting something. She introduced herself as someone working on women empowerment, causing tears to well up in my eyes. You see the term women… Continue reading To Pee Or Not To Pee

Manasa PV

What Facebook’s Campaign for is Not Telling You

I'd like to address a misleading petition being carried by, curiously, perhaps tactically, invoking the hashtags 'connectindia' and 'connecttheworld', but estranging the campaign header from the infamous '' initiative, currently under fire in India's public sphere. The campaign simply makes the case for closing the digital divide and empowering the digital have-nots towards universal… Continue reading What Facebook’s Campaign for is Not Telling You