Pallavi Ramanathan

The Girl with the Curious Eyes

She looked at me with a clear gaze, as if staring straight through to my soul. All I had done was ask her how she was feeling. What a simple and innocuous question. It’s a question we ask people every day, right? What was so special about it after all? After a bit of a… Continue reading The Girl with the Curious Eyes

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Where I Live

Withdrawal is a f**king ****. But first, some context. After chacha passed away in February, I have spent the past 8 months on anti-depressants. I have written about this earlier, right after I had my first breakdown. I was in an extremely dark place then, not really seeing the point of making any effort to… Continue reading Where I Live

Roshini Suparna Diwakar


A good friend recently shared a personal story about mental health, and spoke about how important it is to have conversations on it. I have been meaning to write this, but to articulate something this personal, and be brutally honest about it, is not something I have done before. So, be kind. I have been… Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A RESTLESS MIND