Lakshana Palat

Didion, magical thinking, and the metaphors of grief

‘Grief comes in waves’ is a phrase so common that most of us believe that grieving is synonymous with the sea. We imagine grief hitting us and washing over us without mercy, while our arms and legs flail, trying to escape to the surface and breathe. Sometimes, we’re too tired to struggle. We just wait… Continue reading Didion, magical thinking, and the metaphors of grief

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Where I Live

Withdrawal is a f**king ****. But first, some context. After chacha passed away in February, I have spent the past 8 months on anti-depressants. I have written about this earlier, right after I had my first breakdown. I was in an extremely dark place then, not really seeing the point of making any effort to… Continue reading Where I Live

Roshini Suparna Diwakar


A good friend recently shared a personal story about mental health, and spoke about how important it is to have conversations on it. I have been meaning to write this, but to articulate something this personal, and be brutally honest about it, is not something I have done before. So, be kind. I have been… Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A RESTLESS MIND