There has been a growing restlessness within. Over the past few years, the pressure to stay alert about every new development in the world, to have an ‘expert’ opinion on every subject under the sun, and to (somehow) have the first and last word in has created dissonance. The combination of the 24-hour news cycle and the barrage of ‘data’ (not information) on social media has left little room for deep thought – space to chew on an idea, reflect, let it simmer in the background over time, and make connections.

TGE is now expanding its platform to create this space. When TGE was first created almost 6 years ago, the idea was to enable and facilitate conversations; to truly engage and listen.


This is what this new space is about. To slow down, mull, and open ourselves up to varied ideas.

And so, without further ado, we welcome you to –

*drum roll please*


This book club is a little different from others. It will specifically discuss non-fiction books. The books chosen (collaboratively) will cover topics that range from socio-economic and cultural issues to perspectives and lenses that those working on building a sustainable future for Earth and humankind are taking. The book club is for anyone involved in the social/development sector or is just interested in exploring how we can contribute substantially to building a better planet and civilization. Potentially dense in content, the goal is to get us to collectively break down and understand concepts and ideas that we may not explore individually.

Here’s how it will work –

We will discuss one book over the course of 1.5-2 months, giving us time to reflect on what we are reading. After you sign up (by filling this form), you will receive prompts/discussion points every two weeks. The discussions on the prompts will be on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and will help you track your progress with the book. Once we are done reading, we will meet online to discuss the book and share our reflections.

The books we read will hopefully act as springboards to broader conversations – on how we understand the world and our communities, the way we want to engage with the future of the planet, and where do we place ourselves within our contexts as intellectual and empathetic people.

Come, let’s explore the world together!

Sign up here: TGE Book Club Registration Form (