Barkha Sharda

Angry Indian Goddesses! (In Hindi- Krodhit Bharatiya Deviyan!) : A Review Having lived in Goa for about two years, as a single woman in Goa the trailer of ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ intrigued me. Although I had read mixed reviews, I knew it was a film I needed to watch for myself so here I was watching ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ and yes it was hugely… Continue reading Angry Indian Goddesses! (In Hindi- Krodhit Bharatiya Deviyan!) : A Review

Mihir Choughule

Master(piece) of None

“You’re out of tacos??!! What am I supposed to do now, go to the second-best place taco place in town like some asshole??” The line above, said incredulously (and hilariously) by Dev Shah (played by Aziz Ansari), is a perfect encapsulation of everything, good and bad, that millennials face today in a maelstrom of technology.… Continue reading Master(piece) of None

Anubha Sarkar

‘But your English is very good!’

Scrolling down my newsfeed, I stumbled upon a TED video that my professor had shared. The TED talk was by the renowned Turkish author Elif Shafak, and was titled ‘The politics of fiction’. Intrigued, I opened the link and heard the author out. In the talk, the author illustrates the art of storytelling, and the… Continue reading ‘But your English is very good!’

Roshini Suparna Diwakar

Review: Not so funny, Mrs. Funnybones

I haven't really followed Twinkle Khanna's column except for reading an occasional article that went viral on social media. It was the hype around, and reviews of, her debut book, Mrs.Funnybones, that made me buy it. Mrs. Funnybones is a memoir of sorts. Twinkle Khanna writes about what it's like to be an urban, educated,… Continue reading Review: Not so funny, Mrs. Funnybones

Prashanthi Subramaniam

What Inside Out taught me about Adult-ing through Life

I have a thing for psychometric tests. A particular proclivity, if you please. I used to take a lot of arbitrary witch-doctor-psychologist tests on websites like Tickle when I was in high school. In college, I was a willing participant for all my friends who were psychology students. They always knew that if a subject… Continue reading What Inside Out taught me about Adult-ing through Life

Mihir Choughule

Log Kya Kahenge: The Indian Phenomenon

India is a sovereign country that will soon turn 68 years old and, like all good grandparents of similar age, after a lifetime of hard work, can look forward to nagging its grandchildren about marriage and whether or not they’re eating properly. Unfortunately, things are far more complex (and also India is a country, guys)… Continue reading Log Kya Kahenge: The Indian Phenomenon

Mihir Choughule

WARNING: This Article May Offend You

Walter White, the iconic anti-hero of Breaking Bad, is most famous for one particular line: “Say my name.” It was this astonishing display of arrogance and vanity that served as one of the major checkpoints in White’s transformation from an average Joe to crime kingpin Heisenberg. One could be forgiven for drawing parallels between his… Continue reading WARNING: This Article May Offend You

Prashanthi Subramaniam


On the 22nd of February, millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the 87th Academy Awards. The Oscars, easily Hollywood’s most awaited pinnacle of glamour, glitz and arguably, good film-making, has over the years become a strong platform to spotlight systemic issues that plague the film industry and American society, at large.… Continue reading #AskHerMore